Home Improvement Maintenance Tips – Increase Property Value and Save Money – Home Improvement tips

Home ownership is an investment just like any other, and with most investments you generally get out of them what you put in. If you make home improvements and take proper care of your property and its equipment, you increase the value of the home and extend the life of your property.Home Improvement Maintenance Tips
One of the first home improvement maintenance tips is to change your HVAC filter often. If your unit has the type of filter you can clean and replace, be sure to perform this task regularly. The unit runs more efficiently which prolongs its life. It also uses less energy.
Have an HVAC system checkup at least once yearly. Twice is better, once just before the height of the cooling season and again just before winter.
If your home has gutters, they need to be cleaned out regularly. Debris, leaves, nests, etc. accumulate and if not removed periodically will break down and decompose, causing damage to your gutters and possibly your roof and fascia. Additionally, water will become trapped and unable to escape, causing moisture problems, which defeats the purpose of the gutters in the first place.
Outdoor maintenance is important, too. Picking up loose limbs and keeping leaves raked and burned is easier if done regularly rather than letting it build up to an intense and time consuming job. Your landscape needs to be cared for just as your home does.
Weatherstripping may need to be replaced around doors and windows for increased energy efficiency and utility bill savings. Insulation may need to be inspected to see if an upgrade is needed.
The roof requires regular inspection for leaks and missing, loose, or damaged shingles. Water is one of the worst enemies of a property, and if allowed to seep through the roof it can cause mold, mildew, structural damage, not to mention what it can do to your interior and personal belongings.
Some tasks in your home are best left to professionals, such as with your HVAC and electrical systems. If you are not properly educated in electrical wiring, it is advised to avoid shock or electrocution by allowing a trained professional to work on your wiring. Improper wiring can also cause electrical fires, possibly resulting in loss of your home.
Termites favor moist and dark conditions, and you can deter them by routing water away from your foundation. Also avoid placing wood piles up against the building; if you store firewood, store it away from the residence. Hire a professional exterminator to do regular termite inspections; it can end up saving you a lot of money later if any problems are detected early.
Discourage mold growth by controlling the humidity in your home. A dehumidifier and a system to control temperature (air conditioner) both help prevent mold. Any time there is a leak, flood, or other type of water problem, it needs to be handled quickly to avoid spreading mold and mildew throughout your home. Moisture, remember is one of the biggest enemies of a home.
Performing home improvement maintenance does require some expense and time. It is a good idea to sock some money away each month as a part of your budget to put in a home maintenance account. Then when funds are needed for improvements and maintenance, it isn’t such a hardship thanks to the money you’ve set aside for this purpose.Should you decide to sell your home or remain in it yourself, taking good care of it all along will definitely pay off in the end.