Three Major Pitfalls Of Home Improvement – Home Improvement tips

Home improvement projects are both exciting and exhausting all at once. Homeowners must be careful to ensure that they get exactly what they want from the project and, especially, from their contractor. Below, discover the three major pitfalls of home improvement that should and can be avoided.The ContractorA. Contractor Doesn’t Do The Job Correctly1. While it may have seemed that the contractor knew exactly what you wanted, the end result is a disaster.2. To avoid this, provide your contractor with as much detail and pictures as possible. Also, get everything in writing and ensure both he and you sign the agreement. Only pay a percentage of the bill before he starts that job, and the rest of the money once the job is completed successfully.3. To fix a current disaster, point out the contractor’s mistakes and say that you cannot pay him the rest of the agreed upon amount until it is fixed. Unfortunately, it will likely be the only way to get what you expected. Paying him on the promise that he will return could leave you frustrated and disappointed for a long time.B. Contractor Doesn’t Finish the Job On Time1. If you have a deadline, make sure that you confirm it with the contractor. Also, get in writing the time frame he promised to have the job done. Try to be reasonable however, as some bumps in the road may appear with any home improvement project.2. However, make sure that you have not asked for added improvements, still expecting the project to be completed within the original time frame.3. Research the reputation of the contractor you are thinking of hiring. This will provide great insight on his work ethics.C. The Improvements Cost More Than You Thought1. Always get accurate estimates and figures before going into a home improvement project. Make sure there are contracts stating the agreed upon amount.2. Always have the money available in cash because getting a loan on home improvement will cost you more money in the long run. Also, emergencies happen, so be completely sure you have enough money to do this home improvement project before you start.Great Tips for a Superb Home Improvement Project* Use interior design software to design the space. This will provide detailed information to the contractor, increasing the chance of having a successful renovation. You could also use magazine clippings, taped to a wall for him to refer to.* Discuss the project and progress made on a daily basis. This will help to catch any errors early on, as well as ensure he is adhering to the schedule.* Do not be shy or feel ashamed to closely inspect his work. Report any issues to him immediately.